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The White Noise Playlist

Embark on a journey into the rich world of white noises. These sounds may not strictly qualify as 'white' in the engineering sense, but their colorful variety is both fascinating and useful.

Static noises work like a sound shield, blocking out bothersome noises and helping you to relax, focus, or sleep better.

A Fresh Approach to White Noise

This project originated from an observation: white noise playlists offered by streaming platforms, are often made up by brief and disjointed audio tracks. This strategy maximizes plays and revenue for their publishers, resulting in a less than ideal auditory experience for you, the user.

At The White Noise Playlist, we do things differently. We make your listening experience the priority. By offering extended, uninterrupted noises, we ensure that you can you can focus on what you're doing without any interruptions. And the best part? You can switch tracks whenever you want, not when someone else decides.

The creator of this site, Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon, is a renowned sound designer with a deep knowledge of signal processing. His goal is simple yet ambitious: to offer best white noise experience running from your browser.

A Short User Manual

By default, the player works in discovery mode, randomly picking noises from our ever-growing collection. When you become a patron, you can change this setting to only play the most recent additions in the playlist, or the patron's community favorites.

If you're a patron, you can add noises to your favorite list too. By doing so, you can easily access and enjoy those specific tracks whenever you want. Your favorites will be marked with a mark.

Free to Enjoy, Free to Support

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Whispering Breeze
Album Cover
Yamase White
Enjoy The White Noise Playlist for free, without ads. While donations are welcome and help this site grow, they are not required.

When you donate, you're supporting a better and cleaner internet and receive a permanent token as a reward. With this token, you can tag your favorite noises and access them conveniently through visual shortcuts.

The more you support the project, the more noises you can tag. If you donate $10, you can tag up to 10 noises, and if you donate $20, you can tag up to 20. Your donation amount determines the number of noises you can tag. There is no time limit; your reward has no expiration date.

It might seem strange to pay for something we want to keep free. If you're fed up with websites bombarding you with ads and invading your privacy by collecting your data, you'll understand the paradox. Websites like this one can only thrive with the support of a sufficient number of contributors.

Activate Your Token

After donating, you will receive a token. Please enter this token here to activate this browser.

If you are curious to see how it works, you can use the public token 'abc123'.

You can't find your token? Simply enter the email linked to your earlier donation and we'll happily resend it to you.

About the Project Creator

Stephane PigeonMy name is Stéphane Pigeon, I am a research engineer, with a passion for sounds and the creator of myNoise. I've always dreamed of making a website just for white noise, and that's what The White Noise Playlist is.

I have carefully crafted each sound you hear on The White Noise Playlist. All the characters you come across on this site are from my imagination. These fictional artists are not just names. They embody the many different types and subtle details of white noise. They also reveal parts of my own personality and life.

Immerse yourself in The White Noise Playlist. You will discover a journey that blurs the lines between sound and storytelling, inviting you to experience white noise in a wholly original and captivating way.